Call Room Rutines Nordic Indoor Match 2024

The location of the call room is shown on the map of the venue.

Time schedule with Call Room times is announced on the website. The Athletes will leave Call Room on time.

Officials will check that the athletes were the right bib number and correct clothing. The athletes will be followed to the competition area.

In the track events the athletes will take off their clothes in Call Room and leave their belongings in baskets in Call Room. The pick-up place will be outside the Call Room,

The athlete is responsible for using shoes that are approved for competition, which means that the shoe model must be included in the latest version of World Athletics’ Approved Shoe List and the sole thickness must not exceed 25 mm (for 800m, 1500m, 3000m and triple jump) or 20 mm (all other events). There will be random controls in Call Room.